Eye opening
Verbal response
Best motor response
GCS - Eye
4: Spontaneous: Open before stimulus
3: To sound: After spoken or shouted request
2: To pressure: After finger tip stimulus
1: None: No opening at any time, no interfering factor
GCS - Verbal
5: Orientated: Correctly gives name, place and date
4: Confused: Not orientated but communication coherently
3: Words: Intelligible single words
2: Sounds: Only moans / groans
1: None: No audible response, no interfering factor
GCS - Motor
6: Obeys commands: Obey 2-part request
5: Localising: Brings hand above clavicle to stimulus on head neck
4: Normal flexion: Bends arm at elbow rapidly but features not predominantly abnormal
3: Abnormal flexion: Bends arm at elbow, features clearly predominantly abnormal
2: Extension: Extends arm at elbow: No movement in arms / legs, no interfering factor
1: None