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Perined Birthweight Charts for CastorEDC – Female

Kishan Djeh Tsang
06 Jul, 2023

The use of the Dutch birthweight charts have predominantly be focused on clinical use. Perined has released a mobile application for healthcare professionals to rapidly determine birthweight percentiles according to the charts. In research, however, the use of such an app to determine percentiles in study populations can be cumbersome. Therefore, integration of birthweight charts in commonly used electronic case report forms (eCRFs) may benefit clinical research using these charts.

Since the Dutch Birthweigth Charts released by Perined depends on three distinct variables: Sex, Gestational Age and Birthweight, a calculation can be performed to determine the percentile ranges by using conditional statements, comparison and logical operators. For this, cut-off values from the Perined Birthweight charts are used.

Full information and a how-to can be found here:

Fields used in calculation
Gestational Age in Days
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