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Here you can find calculations, study forms, repeating data forms, and surveys that were uploaded by us (Castor) or by other users.

Upvote good forms using the ‘rate’ button

This ensures that good forms/calculations are voted up and rise to the top. The best forms will show up first, making them always easy to find.

Find a form in your language

The flag represents the language of the uploaded form, either Dutch or English.

Open a form or calculation by clicking on the name

When the form or calculation opens you can see more information about the upload; for example, the entire description of the uploaded file and the comments on the uploaded calculation or form.

Uploaded forms can also be approved by institutes

If you want a form to be approved, the science bureau of the institute can send us an email and we will add the ‘approved’ stamp for your institute.

You can also upload your files to the Form Exchange!

It’s quite easy: open the category where you want to add a form to and click on ‘Submit your form'. You will be taken to a page where you can fill in the title, description, type and language of the form you want to upload. The file that you want to upload needs to be a XML file of the structure export that you made in Castor.

After the file is uploaded, your form will have an ‘awaiting approval’ status

This means the form is not yet shown in the list. We (Castor) will check your upload. After we have verified the form, we will set the status of the form to live, and your form can be shared with other researchers!

Please acquire a license if needed

In the case of a form that requires a valid license, you are responsible to acquire the license before downloading and using the form.