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Date with optional day field

Castor EDC Team
12 Dec, 2017

For those who want to ask for a date, but still want to make sure that the day is truly optional.

– A mandatory year and month field
– A day field which can be left blank
– A calculation field named {date} which formulates the date in the format “dd-mm-yyyy”
– If day field is empty or if the day is invalid for the selected month (e.g. 31 of February), the “dd” in the date will be set to the default value, which I set as 1.
– Thus, proper dates can still be generated even if the user doesn’t input a date
– You can change the default value by changing the number at the top of the calculation template in the line, “var default_num = 01;”


Note: This is a step. Please make sure that you have a phase in your study in order to be able to import the step.

Preview of the study form
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