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Oxford Shoulder Score (OSS) – Dutch language version

Brechtje Hesseling
17 Oct, 2017

Per item: 1 tot en met 5 (12 beste uitkomst – 60 slechtste uitkomst)
Twee subschalen:
Pijn (maximum 20 punten ): vraag 1 t/m 4
Activiteiten in het dagelijks leven (maximum 40 punten): vraag 5 t/m 12
Totaal score: Som subschalen (officiële score)

Informatie uit het artikel ‘Validation of the Dutch version of the Oxford Shoulder Score’, Thomas Berendes, MDa,*, Peter Pilot, PhDa, Jaap Willems, MD, PhDb, Hennie Verburg, MDa, Ron te Slaa, MD, PhD. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2010 Sep;19(6):829-36:
The OSS11 is a joint-specific patient reported outcome score,
including 2 subscales, that was developed for patients with
a degenerative or inflammatory state of the shoulder. It is not
suitable for patients with instability of the shoulder. It contains 12
items to be answered by the patient independently. There are 5
categories of response for every question, corresponding to a score
ranging from 1 to 5. Scores are combined to give a single score,
with a range from 12 (best) to 60 (worst). The questions deal with
pain (degree, time point) and possible handicaps in private and
professional life. It is divided 20/40 corresponding to pain/activities
of daily living.

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